Selling your scrap

Scrap Materials That Landale Buys

At Landale we make selling your scrap as easy as possible, accepting most forms of precious metal waste and offering several options for sending your scrap to us.

Materials you can send to us:

We accept dental, jewellery and industrial scrap which include:

1. Dental materials

  • scrap
  • grindings
  • unused alloys
  • powders
  • extractor bags
  • crowns
  • floor sweeps
  • carpets

2. Jewellery

  • hallmarked scrap
  • lemel
  • rubber wheel
  • polishing/floor sweeps
  • powders
  • solutions
  • carpets
  • settlement tanks

3. Industrial materials

  • gold plated materials
  • gold cyanide solution
  • palladium and platinum solution
  • gold, platinum, palladium and silver in any form

How To Sell Your Scrap

Sending your scrap to Landale is simple:

1. Visit our office

Landale Limited
57 Hatton Garden

Tel: 020 7242 4284
Open: Monday-Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm
Nearest Tube Station: Farringdon or Chancery Lane

2. By Post

Simply post your scrap, using our prepaid special delivery envelope. We will then process your scrap, and contact you with the value.

3. Collections

Call our friendly staff on 020 7242 4284 who will be happy to arrange a collection at your convenience.

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